We are a Rifle and Pistol club based in North Staffordshire. A small club comprising of friendly and responsible members who wish to enjoy the pleasure and challenge of competitive small bore, full bore rifle, long barreled revolver and Black Powder pistol shooting.

If you're a member then its your site, so please send us your pictures, news articles and any information bulletins - many thanks for the regular and tireless production of the club email by our club Secretary. If you don't yet receive an email copy of the club email then contact us to be added to the list. If you don't have access to email then a copy is held in the members section.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to navigate this site, any person interested in joining the club should contact the club Secretary via the membership link. Don't forget to check out the news page, there have been many significant changes to civilian use of MOD ranges over the past few years.

The range is now officially open every 2nd Saturday of each month, however can be opened on other Saturdays if a qualified RCO is present, make sure the secretary has your email address if you want to be notified of additional range days.

Club members actively participate in most types of competitive events, from small bore and full bore rifle to long barrelled pistol and black powder rifle and pistol.

Please note, any pictures depicting any individual shooting from the standing position were taken pre-2011, before the introduction of new range orders that prohibit target shooting from any position other than prone, sitting or kneeling at 25m.