If you would like to join our club and require more details then the first step is to contact the club secretary, a membership form can be downloaded from the downloads menu. If you would just prefer an informal discussion email us from the contact section of the website.

We need to carefully assess and log all application requests before we can consider offering probationary (or full) membership. Can you please provide details of any previous shooting experience, whether or not you have a current FAC and Safe Shooter Card, and also the reasons why you want to join the Uttoxeter Rifle Club. Please also include details of any clubs you are currently a member of, the club name, length of membership and range locations.

If you require Firearm License application information from the Police then please visit Stafforshire Police page, this is now an online process. Direct link is in the Membership Downloads section and is valid at the time this page was published but may change in the future. If the link is broken due to changes in Staffordshire  Police website please let us know so we can amend this.

PLEASE NOTE: By completing a club application form for probationary membership you consent to a background check by Staffordshire police for suitability to handle firearms and possess a FAC.

It should be noted that you will be expected to make a few visits to the club in order that the Range Conducting Officer on duty at that time can make an initial assessment of your suitability for probationary membership. If you are not already a Firearms License holder then you will have to undertake a four month probation/instruction program before you can apply for your license (assuming you want to use this club as your reason for wanting to possess a Firearm). The club committee will then make a decision as to whether or not full membership will be offered - you will then be subject to a series of Police checks. For more details on this matter please read: Home office Guidance.

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Reminder to club members to ensure that you complete your membership process by the 1st December. Ideally you can do this in person at the clubs AGM. To save time and effort, please do this in advance of the meeting, details are in the members section of the site. The cut off date for membership is the 31st January, membership renewals past this point are subject to a £15 re joining fee.